To Insure Your Order Will be Available-

** If you place an order online prior to speaking with Marissa, all efforts will be made to fulfill your order. If a certain flower sells out, an equal or greater substitution will be made. For additional pictures or other questions, Please call (916)289-2961 or check out

Before placing your order it is a good idea to call or text 916-289-2961 to make sure leis are still available. We will arrange a pick up date/time for your lei-- This Wednesday, June 6th pick up is available in Roseville or Lincoln- please call for times... Thursday June 7th there will be a Lincoln Pick up between 8:15am and 9am, West Sacramento pick up between 3 and 4 and a Roseville or Lincoln pick up between 4-6. Friday Roseville/Lincoln Pick up is available. Saturday-8:30am-10am west Sacramento Pick up, and call for details on Lincoln/Roseville Pick up. f you need a pick up time that is not shown here, please call 916-289-2961 if you need delivery an additional $20 fee applies. 

Must I pay through Paypal?

We process all payments through Paypal, however you do not need a Paypal account to make your purchase; Paypal accepts direct credit card payments. When you checkout you will be redirected to Paypal. To make your payment with a credit card instead of through a Paypal account simply click on the credit card option which appears to the left of the Paypal account login and follow the instructions.